Career Exploration

Find Your Path – Discover Your Future


Start exploring your interests, focus on your academic strengths, and begin creating your own path for the

As early as grade 9, EAW guides students through a self-discovery process to better understand
their academic needs.

They learn to advocate for themselves and build confidence as they enter higher
education and the workforce.

With our interest inventories and learning style assessments, we give students the tools to pursue their

EAW provides the following services to guide students along their path:

Interest Inventories
Designed to assess your student’s innate interests, access to the EAW Interest Inventory Platform is available throughout their higher education career.

This allows students to annually assess how their interests are growing and changing so they may adjust their path.


Learning Style Assessments
EAW provides Learning Style Assessments as part of our Career Exploration services to determine each student’s preferred study method.

There are multiple learning styles (visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary).

Knowing your student’s study method will give them the confidence they need to advocate for themselves and seek individualized support.


Setting Academic Goals
EAW uses our assessments in conjunction with a thorough review of a student’s current activities to help formulate a path for their success.

We discuss their knowledge of careers and begin exploring subjects of interest and potential careers that match.


Advanced Career Exploration
As the student’s interests become clearer, EAW helps carve out their path by mapping out rigorous courses in their areas of academic interest.

We also provide direction to further career exploration through externships, internships and research.


College Focused Exploration
Beginning junior year of high school, EAW guides students through career exploration, focusing on college programs that can keep them on track to meet their long-term goals.


Whatever your interests and strengths, EAW is ready to help you create your personal story so you can
follow your own path to success.