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The term Financial Aid is confusing. This is the umbrella term for all the types of aid available to support the Total “Cost of Attendance” at a university.


The “Cost of Attendance” includes:

Tuition and Fees (computer, gym, activity, etc.)

Room and Board (food, residence hall, etc.)

Books and Supplies (estimated cost per student-may vary)

Other expenses (could include round trip travel/health insurance/clothing/entertainment, etc.)

Universities wish to provide an idea of what it could cost a family per year along with the fixed university costs.

This will help a family plan their finances.


Financial Aid may be broken down into two types:

“Need-Based” Aid and “Merit-Based” Aid.

I define Need-based aid as the difference between the cost of attendance and what a family can afford to pay. “The expenses are high and I do not have the funding.”

Types of “Need-Based” Aid which may be awarded by the university to a US Citizens/US Residents:

Federal Pell Grants.
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG).
Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grants (TEACH).
Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants.
Federal Work Study.
Federal Perkins Loan Program.
William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.
Each US State might have a special loan or grant program:
For those students in the military:
If a family requires “Need-Based: Aid, they must complete the FAFSA.


And possibly the CSS Profile:

Many universities are offering “Need-Based” Aid to International students.

All grants and scholarships are monies that DO NOT have to be repaid. All loans will have to ne repaid after college.

“Merit-Based”Aid is funded by university endowments and usually known by the term scholarships. This type of aid may be awarded to International citizens, US citizens and US Residents.


Types of Merit-Based Aid:

Academic: traditionally based on the applicants grades and standardized exam results.
Athletic talent
Special talents: for example: theater, creative writing, artistic, musical, academic.
Community Service
First in Family to attend university
Specific organization membership