The College Search

You do not need to be.
We are ready to guide you through the process. Click below for a list of publications and websites that will help.

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Standardized Testing

The majority of universities require entrance exams as part of their application process.

Universities worldwide accept results from the SAT I Reasoning Exam.


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Universities We Visited

Visiting universities is imperative to learn about new programs and special scholarship opportunities.

Rachael meets with admissions Deans and counselors as well as current students.


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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Filling out financial aid forms can be a daunting task.

But doing so accurately can save you thousands of tuition dollars.

Find Scholarships and learn about Honors College Options.


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Parent Reading List

As parents, we always want to support and assist our children.

The university search and application process has changed.

View resources available to help you support your sons and daughters.


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Career Search

Want to explore on your future career?

There are many careers that will be invented while you are attending university and YOU might invent a career yourself!


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