At Education Advisors Worldwide (EAW), we work with students at every stage of the college and career exploration process with a personalized approach.

High School Students:

High school is your first step towards your higher education and career aspirations.

Strategic choices in courses, extracurriculars, and internships can position you for success.

EAW will help you make those critical decisions early.

From SAT/ACT prep, personalized tips on college essay writing, to one-on-one support throughout the application and scholarship process, we are here every step of the way.

College Counseling:

We personally work with students to help them develop schedules, write strong essays, select colleges, and more. READ MORE

Career Exploration:

EAW guides students through interest assessments, strengths assessments, and career interest profilers to help students strategically plan academic courses, internships, and research opportunities.

Academic Advising:

What classes you take in high school, their level of difficulty, and your grades, sends a message to college admissions officers.

We guide you through the process of choosing academic classes strategically to benefit your college applications and future career. READ MORE

Essay Development:

Application essays, personal statements, supplemental questions, UK personal statements, and scholarship applications are key components of the application process, which allow you to speak directly to admissions counselors.

We can help you brainstorm ideas and find your voice. READ MORE

Resume Development:

We help focus your personal story in your resume and curriculum vitae. READ MORE

Interview Preparation:

We help you prepare for all types of interviews, including university admissions, externships, internships, and scholarships. READ MORE


Learn more here about what you should expect at every grade.


Gap Year Counseling:

Taking a Gap Year can be an excellent way to explore your career path and begin your next chapter rejuvenation.

Whether your Gap Year is between secondary school and university or in between college and graduate school, we can assist you and your family in finding the right program to fit your needs. READ MORE

Transfer Counseling:

Transferring can be difficult, but EAW can assist with this transition.

Thinking of transferring to another university or program, but concerned whether your college credits will transfer?

We can help you find the answer and navigate the search process locating a university or program that is more in line with your future goals. READ MORE

Graduate School Counseling:

Selecting the right graduate program is key to your success.

We offer a variety of services to help you select programs within your field, including:

– Program identification and selection
– Application scheduling
– Resume coaching
– Essay writing and voice development
– Interview preparation

Career Exploration in College & Graduate School:

Through interest assessments, strengths assessments and career interest profilers, EAW coaches students and recent graduates to find a path to their dream position, one that matches your interests with your strengths.

Career Exploration At Every Level:

Whether you are in high school or thinking of graduate school, we can guide you on your career journey. EAW can help you create a plan that evolves along with your interests and strengths.