Welcome to High School


For many first-year students who are getting used to new surroundings and making new friends, new schedules and for some, a more demanding course load; there is no need to think about university as it is four years away!

In reality, this is the time to begin planning.

Your first year grades will be seen by all of the schools to which you apply.

Now is the time to focus on time management and study skills.

Try new clubs and activities and explore your interests.


Second Year To Dos:


Enroll in a challenging course or two.

Continue to explore clubs, and outside opportunities.

Interview people in professions and areas of interest to you.

Interview your teachers as many did not begin their careers as teachers.

Read as much as you can, in English, whether it is related to school or not.

Work on your writing skills. This will help you with future exams, writing applications and your university courses.

Read as much as you can whether it is related to school or your latest interest.


Junior Year


Your junior year academics are extremely important.

Junior Year College Prep Checklist

Remember, most universities will not see senior grades until November/December of your senior year.

The university admissions counselors review not only your grades, but your rigor of coursework.

Along with your courses, begin to solidify your areas of interest and explore them further.

Find an internship, volunteer with a local organization, or work in your community.

During the summer between your junior and senior years, begin writing your application essay.


Senior Year


Your senior year will be a stressful time.

Senior Year College Prep Checklist

Reduce your stress by researching universities, sitting for the standardized entrance exams and writing your essay during your junior year.